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TIE Graduate Fellowship

Applications for the 2015 TIE Graduate Fellowship are now open! RPFs due November 24th, 2014 for Doctoral/PhD, and February 16th, 2015 for MA/MS students.


Research Opportunities for Graduate and Undergraduate Exchange promotes collaboration in Tufts environmental research, connecting undergraduates looking for environmental research experience and graduate students looking for a research assistant.

Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award 2014

Are you part of the sustainability solution? The 2014 Dow SISCA competition is now open to graduate students at Tufts! APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 30th, 2014

Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming

A ground-breaking conference presented by Biodiversity for a Livable Climate, co-hosted by TIE and the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy (CIERP) will be held November 21-23 at the Fletcher School, Tufts Medford Campus.

The Chixoy Storytelling Project

TIE explores a new medium for conveying academic research through the ongoing Chixoy Dam Project.

Learn more about TELI – The Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute!

Social Media

Connect with TIE on Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn for the latest event and news updates, check out our videos on Vimeo & YouTube, see our pictures on Picasa, and read our publications on Issuu!

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