Nolan Nolan Nicaise has left his position as TIE’s Program Administrator to pursue his passion for improving biological conditions in waterways. For issues related to TIE, please contact during the intirum before our new Program Administrator assumes the office.
Antje Danielson is now the Education Director at the MIT Energy Initiative. For issues related to TIE, please contact To contact Antje Danielson, please inquire with the MIT Energy Initiative.




Theresa Silver
Phote: 617.627.5522
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Theresa is the Program Coordinator for the Water Diplomacy | IGERT Program. She also contributes to TIE’s communications and administrative functions.


Lauren O’Brien
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Lauren is the Graduate Intern at TIE managing administrative tasks during the interim period between Program Administrators. She will be a second year graduate student in the Agriculture, Food, and Environment Program at Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She earned a bachelors degree is in Political Science from Villanova University where she also completed pre-medical studies. Her attention to human health evolved into a passion for addressing the nexus of social and environmental justice in community development. Outdoor sports, yoga, drawing, and listening to live music are among Lauren’s interests outside of school.


Carla Curle
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Carla is the Water: Systems, Science & Society (WSSS) Program Intern for TIE. She is a recent graduate of the masters program in Agriculture, Food, and Environment at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Her undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science from University of California-Santa Barbara. Carla’s interests are focused on the diversification of farming systems that nourish humans and the environment simultaneously and the interactions of agricultural systems on water resources. Outside of school, you can find her cooking, hiking, or exploring Somerville.

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