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The Tufts alum talks to TIE about her vision for the Tufts Environmental Alumni (TEA)!

Hannah graduated from Tufts in Spring 2012 with majors in Environmental Studies and Anthropology. While a student here, Hannah worked with the Office of Sustainability where she worked to help promote sustainability on campus in many different ways.


1. How are you using what you learned at Tufts and particularly at TIE in your current work?                

I have transitioned fields since graduating from Tufts and now work as a User Experience Researcher for AthenaHealth, Inc, a healthcare software and services company. Though my Environmental Studies degree is not being used as heavily as it was when I was in the animal care-taking field (wildlife rehabilitation, zoo-keeping, domestic animal shelter care-taking), protecting and sustaining our environment can be found in any job. I encourage recycling composting and recycling at my office, and the improvements I make to our software and services result in less paper being faxed around doctor’s offices and education for patients on how to safely dispose of medications.

2. What drew you to the steering committee of the TEA chapter?

Even though I switched careers, the environment will always be a passion of mine. I wanted to help students and alumni at Tufts stay connected around this passion.

3. What do you bring to the chapter?

Because my job is outside of the realm of environmental sustainability, I am able to advise students and alumni on how they can continue to incorporate this lifestyle, viewpoint, and knowledge base to anything they do. At career nights, I often counsel students who aren’t sure how to have this be an aspect of their lives without it being a full-time career.

4. What are the next steps for the steering committee?

Expand our reach to other locations in the country so that we can continue to build a connected network of students and alumni.

5. If you ended up moving away from the Boston area, how would you want to stay connected with Tufts?

Social media allows people from anywhere to continue to stay up to date on what’s going on at Tufts and in Tufts alumni groups. I would utilize those avenues, as well as chatting with friends who have their own connections, and checking the Tufts website to hear about what’s happening.

6. Why would an alumnus want to be involved in the TEA chapter?

Building connections with people who have the same passions as you do is an incredibly valuable thing to do. You benefit by getting career insights, a bigger network, continued learning and knowledge, and people around you benefit from your network and the knowledge you can share with them!

7. What do you think the TEA mascot should be?

I’m terrible with these kinds of questions…..I will leave that to someone more creative than I am :)