Tufts Institute of the Environment is proud to work with faculty from across Tufts’ different departments and schools and with professionals world-wide.

For a list of faculty that we have worked with or that support our initiatives, please see Faculty A-M and Faculty N-Z.

Professors interested in developing an interdisciplinary environmental course should check out our course development grants. We believe that professors’ interest and scholarship in environmental issues greatly enhances our work.


TIE is also the home of the Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute. Widely known as TELI, this multi-day faculty development workshop aims to enhance  environmental literacy, and assists participants to incorporate related themes into existing or new courses. The ultimate goal of TELI is to leverage the exposure and knowledge of Tufts students on the environment and effectively engage with the issues that will shape their generation.
Emphasis is placed on recruiting faculty participants from a various Tufts departments to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on environmental issues at the university. For the first time in May 2013, faculty members from 10 countries were selected to join the conversation on One Health, signifying the beginning of a new era for TELI and the communication of environmental issues.

If you would like to know more about TELI, or if you are interested to participate in the next seminar, please email


Past Workshops

In the past TELI covered various topics ranging from climate change, environmental justice to sustainable agriculture or water and soil science. Interactive presentations by a variety of environmental science and policy experts, field-based learning experiences, access to a range of resources for course development, and opportunities to share creative teaching experiences with other faculty, are few of the program characteristics. To learn more about past workshops please click on the images below: