External Partners

Stockholm Environment Institute The Stockholm Environment Institute is an international not-for-profit research organization that has been engaged in environment and development issues at local, national, regional and global policy levels for 25 years. SEI’s U.S. Center is a research affiliate of Tufts University and also has offices in Davis, California, and Seattle, Washington. SEI’s goal is to bring about change for sustainable development by bridging science and policy, integrating analysis that supports decision-makers.The work is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing upon engineering, economics, ecology, ethics, operations research, international relations and software design.
Mystic River Watershed Association The Mystic River Watershed Association‘s mission is to protect and restore the Mystic River, its tributaries and watershed lands for the benefit of present and future generations and to celebrate the value, importance and great beauty of these natural resources. MyRWA has partnered with TIE in research collaboration, sponsoring events,  and specifically with the WSSS certificate program in both practica and research projects.
USWP_Logo The U.S. Water Partnership’s (USWP) mission is to unite and mobilize best of U.S. expertise, resources and ingenuity to address global water challenges, with a special focus on developing countries where needs are greatest. The Partnership operates under a vision of working together for a water secure world. The USWP serves as the single entry point to access the best of U.S. expertise, resources and ingenuity to address global water security challenges. Due to the breadth of its membership and large-scale participation from the U.S. government, the Partnership constitutes an unmatched catalytic platform that facilitates public-private sector collaboration. The USWP has developed a model that harnesses the technical skills and capabilities of our partners to advance our understanding of critical water issues and scale solutions to tackle these challenges around the world.
NCSE_Logo The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the scientific basis for environmental decision making. NCSE specializes in programs that foster collaboration between the diverse institutions and individuals creating and using environmental knowledge, including research, education, environmental, and business organizations as well as governmental bodies at all levels. NCSE works collectively to make science relevant to real world decision making on critical environmental challenges.