Environmental Research Fellowships “TIE Fellows”

Matriculated graduate students at any of Tufts University’s graduate programs and professional schools are eligible to apply for TIE fellowships to conduct interdisciplinary environmental research projects. This is an opportunity to recognize and provide greater visibility for stellar interdisciplinary students and their work. Selected students will be receive funding toward a research stipend and/or supplies (up to $6000 per project). Students pursuing projects that focus on environmental research with a specifically interdisciplinary focus are especially encouraged to apply.


The updated Request For Proposals for 2017-2018 TIE Fellows will be made public by December 9th, 2016. The deadline for TIE Fellowship proposals:

  • Both Masters and Ph.D. student proposals will be due after the winter break. The exact date has not yet been determined. We will have a date set by December 20th, please check back soon! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

You can view the:

Resources for Applicants: Tufts University’s Tisch Library has developed a thorough research guide for proposal development help. You can also email Megan Bresnahan, librarian and team lead for sciences and social sciences at Tisch Library, directly.

Program Highlights

Spring Lunches: Each spring incoming fellows meet for an introduction to  the TIE Fellowship Program. Bringing together members of the TIE community, outgoing fellows are invited to share their experiences and research projects with new fellows. Students are also given a review of the fellowship requirements, expectations, and an opportunity to ask questions about the fellowship.

Fall Retreat: At the beginning of the fall semester, fellows meet for a half-day retreat to share their experiences on research conducted over the summer. The event brings together fellows across multiple disciplines to exchange ideas and provide feedback on the challenges faced in their projects.

Annual Awards Ceremony: At the end of the fall semester Fellows, alumni, faculty and staff gather for dinner and formal reception to celebrate the ongoing accomplishments of TIE Fellows.

Fellows Presentations: By the end of the academic year, fellows present their research to the Tufts community at a range of environmental events: department seminars, thesis or dissertation presentations, the Environmental Studies Lunch and Learn, or Tufts Research Days.

End of Year Barbecue at TIE Director’s House: At the end of the spring semester fellows are invited to the TIE Director’s house for an informal end-of-year celebration.


Lauren O’Brien, Graduate Intern

See what have the current TIE Fellows been up to!

Prity Bengani-Lutz TIE Fellow 2016-2017 Headshot_Kurth, Katherine Eric Scott
TIE Fellow 2016-2017 Headshot_Fanous, Jamie Emma Schneider TIE Fellow 2016-2017 Headshot_Yanco, Etsy


“I’m very thankful for the TIE fellowship. It has been so important in my career already – it was the first fellowship that I was awarded that put a lot of trust in me as a scientist early in my graduate career. It was what I consider a ‘seed grant’ – it allowed me to collect the data that I later leveraged to get a National Science Foundation fellowship. I can’t thank TIE enough for it.”
— Anne Madden, Biology PhD candidate


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