Resources for Applicants

Resources for Applicants

Tuft’s Office of Research and Development and the Tisch Library offer useful links and resources for Proposal Preparation:

  • How to deconstruct a Request for Applications found here.
  • Preparing to Research for Your Grant Proposal found here.
  • Writing Resources and Guidelines found here.
  • Data Management found here.

In writing your proposal application, we encourage the use of SMART Principles

General Tips on Preparing a Research Budget found here. (Note:  This link only serves as a guide; please follow the TIE Project Budget template for application submission.)

In Preparing Budgets, useful links to gauge prices and travel costs include:

  • Travel—STA Travel, Student Universe
  • Housing—Craigslist, university sites for visiting students, newspaper classified ads
  • Food/Living—Numbeo, travel guides (Let’s Go, Lonely Planet), expat sites
  • Internal Travel—city or country specific transportation services, travel blogs

When looking for Faculty Advisers who can complement your interdisciplinary work, you can:

  • Refer to testimonials and blurbs from current and past TIE Fellows (see below links).
  • Seek information and help by contacting TIE at