One of TIE’s main goals is to support faculty collaboration for interdisciplinary environmental research. Listed are some of the notable initiatives in the water research area which TIE supports. Students within the TIE community have access to excellent resources and networking opportunities.

Water: Systems, Science, and Society: TIE is the primary supporter of the interdisciplinary graduate research and education program at Tufts known as the “WSSS” program. The program is open to all graduate students (masters and Ph.D.) at any of Tufts’ schools. Students take courses related to the different core areas of the program, create interdisciplinary research projects or participate in a group practicum, and help plan and annual symposium on water issues.

Water Diplomacy IGERT: A generous grant from the National Science Foundation allowed Tufts to create a new doctoral program that addresses the complexities of managing water as a resource in times of increasing scarcity. The program focuses on diplomacy and negotiation as a means of resolving water-related conflict. The program enrolled 25 doctoral students over five years and, like WSSS, combines classroom instruction with field work and research.

Water Collaborations:  TIE maintains partnership with external organizations devoted to interdisciplinary water issues, notably the U.S. Water Partnership and the Mystic River Watershed Association.

For a list of the faculty affiliated with TIE involved in this research, please see our Affiliated Faculty Page.