TELI – 2013

Program Description

The goal of TELI 2013 was to promote “One Health” thinking and engage faculty members from 10 countries in the climate change discussion, in collaboration with RESPOND USAID. Antje Danielson, Administrative director at the Tufts Institute of the Environment, and Gretchen Kaufman, Assistant Director for Global Health Education and Training at the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, led this year’s TELI which was held between the Tufts Medford and Grafton Campuses.

The theme of  “One Health” opened the floor to insightful discussions about the intersection of human, animal and environmental health. The TELI curriculum helped participants develop breadth of knowledge around their areas of health expertise and understand how those are connected. The new communication technology sessions, such as Geographic Information Systems, Crisis Mapping and Digital media Story Telling gave everyone a new perspective. Moreover, participants unanimously acknowledged the value of  cross-cultural interaction, the exchange of ideas, as well as the uniqueness of the US educational system to synthesize disciplines.

Regina Raboin and Dorothy Nampanzira during TELI 2013

Workshop Topics and Presenters:

Framing One Health

  • Millennium Ecosystem: Alison Robbins – Tufts University
  • Climate Change: Tim Wieskel – Harvard University
  • GIS Functions: Magaly Koch – Boston University
One Health Contextual Content on Water and Sanitation

  • Environmental Informatics: Elena Naumova – Tufts University
  • Library resources: Regina Raboin – Tufts University
  • Water Borne Diseases: David Gute – Tufts University
Vector and Animal Borne Diseases and Crisis Mapping

  • Social Networks: Rusty Tunnard -Tufts University
  • Humanitarian Crisis: Peter Walker – Feinstein International Center
  • Crisis Mapping: Sarah Farmer – Change Assembly
  • Welcome remarks: Anthony Monaco – President, Tufts University
  • Cholera Remote Sensing: Shafiqul Islam – Tufts University
  • Village Zero: Maia Majumder – Village Zero Project
Animal Health

  • One Health Curriculum Development and Asset Mapping: Gretchen Kaufman – Washington State University
  • Building a program: Gretchen Kaufman
  • Design on One Health and Teaching Methods: Gretchen Kaufman and Alison Robbins – Tufts University
  • Student’s perspective: Felicia Nutter – RESPOND Project & Paula Castano –  Tufts University
  • Biodiversity and Health: Michael Reed – Tufts University
Teaching and Learning About Environmental Literacy in the University

  • Digital Media Story Telling: Bryan Revis & Regina Raboin – Tufts University
  • Tusk Software: Susan Albright – Tufts University


Meet the TELI 2013 participants

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