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This is an excepted service, time-limited, term appointment for up to 5 years, with the possibility of renewals. The candidate will be hired as a USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service employee, but will be detailed to the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The incumbent will be assigned to the USAID/Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3), Global Climate Change (GCC) Office. The USAID GCC Office is responsible for coordinating and reporting on USAID’s contribution toward the USG Global Climate Change Initiative, implementation of USAID’s Climate Change and Development Strategy, coordinating with international organizations, donors, and processes that deal with climate change and development, and for providing thought leadership to advance climate-resilient, low emissions development through USAID efforts. This position will contribute to USAID’s efforts to mainstream climate change considerations into its development work, including by collaborating with staff across the organization so that climate change considerations are better integrated into mission and other agency work in all sectors. A significant function of this position will be providing support to all parts of the agency so that staff can access, interpret and use the climate information they need to program effective climate-resilient development.

Following are the major, though not all inclusive, duties of this position:

  • Works as part of a team to contribute to USAID’s efforts to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation considerations into its development work.
  • Assists USAID staff in various technical areas to access, interpret, and use appropriate climate information in the design of climate resilient projects and activities in compliance with Executive Order 13677.
  • Provides expert technical advice on climate change forecasts to senior officials within and outside the Agency that is relevant to  climate change and development programs and policy.
  • Prepares policy and position papers that present Agency activities to other agencies, Congressional inquiries, and international audiences.
  • Provides technical inputs and quality control to climate change-related education, training and outreach.
  • Participates in development of USAID country strategies and project designs, helping missions understand the relevant climate change risks and encouraging consideration of climate change issues and policies in such plans.
  • Provides technical support related to climate change, including for project and activity design.
  • Works with contractors as an activity manager to ensure timely delivery of high-quality deliverables on climate change and development objectives. Identifies areas for USAID involvement and develops concepts for projects.
  • Works with other bureaus and offices to cooperate, coordinate, leverage funds and find innovative approaches given the crosscutting nature of climate change and development.
  • Provides mentoring and informal training for junior staff on global climate change and development issues, UNFCCC process, USAID culture and processes, USG policy, and budget processes.
  • Tracks key scientific, economic and development literature, research, conferences and Congressional legislation on global climate change and recommend changes in USAID policies and activities accordingly.

Announcement closes Monday January 11 2016 at 11:59pm.

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