Tufts Environmental Alumni Profiles

Meet the new members of Tufts Environmental Alumni chapter – see what exciting and diverse experiences they have had in the environmental community and what they are up to today!

Current Steering Committee Members

Keep checking in to see new profiles and contact tea@tufts.edu if you’re interested in being interviewed.

Ann Gisinger Ann Gisinger, G10
TEA Steering Committee Member Read Ann’s full profile here
Jane Parkin Kullmann Jane Parkin Kullmann, G06
TEA Steering Committee Member
Risk Assessment Specialist, Haley & Aldrich Read Jane’s full profile here.
Alison Simcox 1 Alison Simcox, G98
TEA Steering Committee Member
Environmental Scientist, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Read Alison’s full profile here.
Mark Taitz Mark Taitz, A71
TEA Steering Committee Member
Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Read Mark’s full profile here.
zach Zach Crowley, LA03
TEA Steering Committee Member. At TIE, Zach was involved in the Leonard Carmichael Society Read Zach’ s full profile here.
Lyn Lustig,
 headshot Hannah Vaughan, G12
hannah.kahler@gmail.comRead Hannah’s full profile here.

Past Steering Committee Members

 Amanda Fencl Amanda Fencl, IR07, ES07Past TEA Steering Committee Member (2010 – 2011) and Staff Scientist at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Read Amanda’s full profile here

   Kiersten von Trapp, G10

TEA Steering Committee Member and Research Associate at NMR Group, Inc.

Read Kiersten’s full profile here


 Kate Kate Leblanc-Dilawari, A98, G00Past TEA Steering Committee Member (2010 – 2011) and Senior Project Manager at Haley & Aldrich.

Read Kate’s full profile here