TELI 2009

Program Description

In May 2009, TELI participants explored issues related to climate change and climate justice through a series of informative presentations and constructive discussions.

Teaching methods were reviewed to enhance the incorporation of environmental themes to existing or new courses. Emphasis was placed on recruiting faculty participants from a wide range of disciplines. The workshop included interactions with experts, access to resources, and a field-based learning experience.

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Workshop Topics and Presenters:

Lawrence Bacow President, Tufts University
Climate Change Basics: Science and Policy

  • Overview of Science and Policy Presenter: William Moomaw Fletcher
  • A New International Climate Change Agreement Presenter: Sivan Kartha Stockholm Environment Institute
What Climate Action Really Means: The Campus as a Learning Laboratory

  • Greening the Ivory Tower Presenter: Sarah Hammond Creighton Office of Sustainability
Uneven Effects and Equity Issues

  • Climate Justice and Gender Presenter: Mike Meldonian Oxfam America
  • Climate Change and Social Disruption Presenter: Peter Walker Feinstein International Center
Risk and Climate Change

  • What is the Best Future We Can Hope For? Presenter: Neva Goodwin Global Development and Environment Institute
  • How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity Presenter: Eric Chivian Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment



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