TELI 2011

Program Description

TELI 2011 was led by Colin Orians, Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology, and Julie Dobrow, Director of Communications and Media Studies and Lecturer in Child Development. The theme for this TELI 2011 was “Environmental Literacy in the 21st Century: Reality, Perceptions & Education.” If you are interested to know what do students think about greening the curriculum at Tufts, click here to watch a five-minute video two TIE interns put together in 2011.

Participants explored some of the science behind critical environmental issues facing society (Reality), examined the role of media and politics in environmental discourse (Perceptions), and evaluated approaches and utilized different platforms that maximize engagement with students, colleagues and community or organizational partners (Education).  We explored these concepts through the lens of sustainable agriculture, diseases in the 21st century and environmental communication strategies.

TELI 2011 Participants

 Workshop Topics and Presenters:

   Andrew McClellan, Dean of Academic Affairs, Arts & Sciences
   Realities and Importance of Environmental Issues, Focus on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environmental issues: Past, Present and Future Presenter: Michael Reed, Biology
  • The Realities of Sustainable Agriculture Presenter: Tim Griffin, Friedman School
  • Provocative Issues in Sustainable Agriculture Presenter: Colin Orians and Jennifer Hashley, Tufts New Entry Sustainable Farm Project
  • Screening of short films series Shifting Baselines
   Perceptions of Environmental Issues, Media Views of Sustainable Agricultural Issues, Environmental
Realities of Disease
  • Media Perceptions and Environmental Issues Presenter: Julie Dobrow, Communications and Media Studies
  • Realities of disease- the vaccination debates Presenter: Wendy Wornham, Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Lexington Pediatrics
  • Field trip to Waltham Fields Community Farm
  Realities and Perceptions of Disease as an Environmental Issue
  • Realities & Perceptions of disease as an environmental issue Presenter: Ari Bernstein, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard
  • How human disease issues play in the media Presenter: Julie Dobrow and Colin Orians, Environmental Studies
  • Environment and the Media Presenter: Judy Layzer, Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
 Educational Implementations of Environmental Issues
  • Civic engagement, environmental issues and education Presenter: Peter Levine, Shirley Mark, Tisch College
  • Experiential learning and environmental literacy Presenter: Julie Dobrow and Colin Orians, Environmental Studies
  • Assessment Presenter: Annie Soisson, Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
Meet the TELI 2011 participants

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