TELI 2012

Program Description

In 2012, TELI continued the tradition of developing programs that increase environmental awareness and educational opportunities at Tufts. The 2012 institute was led by Colin Orians, Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology and Antje Danielson, Administrative Director at the Tufts Institute of the Environment.

The theme for TELI this year was ” Environmental Communication: Urban Environmental Communication: Urban and Social Justice.” Participants explored important environmental problems that society has and continues to face, using case studies from Environmental Pollution, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change to illustrate the social and scientific components of effective education and why some changes are more difficult to communicate and enact than others. Pedagogical strategies for how best to teach these ideas to students in different disciplines were also discussed.

See the TELI 2012 website for details on this year’s event.

TELI 2012 Participants during their field trip to Chelsea, MA

Workshop Topics and Presenters:

    From Environmental Literacy to Environmental Solutions: What, Where and How

  • Expectations and Exploratory Exercice. Presenters: Antje Danielson, Tufts Institute of the Environment and Colin Orians, Environmental Studies Program
  • The Urban Environment as a Teaching and Advocacy Lad – MyRWA and Tufts, at a Watershed Moment. Presenters: Rusty Russel, Environmental Policy and Law and Patrick Herron, Mystic River Watershed Association
  • Art as Environmental Communication. Presenter: Amy Schlegel, Galleries and Collections at Tufts
  • Communicating Science and the Environment – From Information to Motivation. Presenter: Cristine Russel, Health and Environment


  • Digital Story Telling in the context of Urban Agriculture and Brownfield Redevelopment. Presenter: Bryan Revis, Tufts Digital Design Studio

    Environmental Challenges: Perception versus Reality

  •  Urban Dimensions of Environmental Communication. Presenter: Aaron Bernstein, Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard
  • Remarks by Anthony Monaco, Tufts President
  • Review of Digital Stories. Presenters: Colin Orians, Environmental Studies Program and Bryan Revis, Digital Design Studio
  • Discussion of Reading on GMO foods. Presenter: Colin Orians, Environmental Studies Program
  • Urban Agriculture and Food Security Perception vs Reality. Presenter: Tim Griffin, Agriculture Food and Environment Program, Friedman School

    Urban Environmental Issues: Merging Social and Environmental Justice ( Field Trip)

  • Overview of Chelsea Collaborative. Presenter: Jovanna Garcia Soto, Chelsea Green Space
  • Overview of Alternative for Community and Environment. Presenter: Penn Loh, Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning

    Implementation of Environmental Issues

  • Implementing Environmental Topics at Tufts. What does Environmental Literacy mean? Presenter: Colin Orians, Environmental Studies Program
  • CELT Resources & Assessment. Presenter: Annie Soisson, Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
  • Efficient ways to access and use environmental literature resources. Presenter: Regina Raboin, Data Management

Meet the TELI 2012 participants

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