Compton Mentor Fellowship

The Compton Mentor Fellowship is no longer active and will not be accepting applications for this or any future academic year. The following is general information on past participants in the program.

Mentor Fellowship Program Overview

The Compton Mentor Fellowship program offers exceptional graduating seniors an opportunity to apply their creative talents to the design of a program that seeks solutions to critical issues, working with support from a mentor of their choice. The pragmatic, self-directed nature of the Compton Mentor Fellowship experience is meant to deepen and enrich knowledge, and guide fellows to apply new understanding of themselves and the world in original ways.

The Compton Mentor Fellowship welcomes innovative project proposals that encompass elements of the Foundation’s traditional funding interests in environmental sustainability, climate change and energy policy, population and reproductive health, and peace and human security. Proposed projects should demonstrate exceptional social merit and positive contribution to the fields of interest to the foundation.

Compton Mentor Fellows are individuals who demonstrate imagination, intelligence, integrity, and leadership. Compton Mentor Fellows are self-starters who show promise of creative achievement and a commitment to compassionate and effective participation in the world community. A candidate’s academic record, while not of primary importance, is also considered, along with extracurricular activities that reflect both initiative and dedication. We seek individuals who strive to be thoughtful agents of change and find the task of charting their own learning paths exciting rather than confounding.

Upon selection, Compton Mentor Fellows receive an award of up to $30,000 to implement their project over a one-year period, beginning at a gathering of Fellows typically held in the San Francisco Bay Area in late June.

The Mentor and Fellow Partnership

At the core of the Compton Mentor Fellowship is a partnership between a fellow and a primary mentor, identified by the fellowship candidate during the application process. The mentor should be accessible and a source of guidance, encouragement and impetus for continued learning and service. Ideally, a mentor shares common interests and goals with the fellow and is able to help transform academic studies into real world applications.

A mentor should be willing to monitor a fellow’s progress toward mutually agreed-upon goals. The candidate’s ability to identify and establish a partnership with a mentor is a critical factor in determining the potential for a successful fellowship year. The participating academic institution may provide guidance in the mentor selection process. An honorarium of $2,000 from the fellowship award is given to the mentor or an organization of the mentor’s choosing. In recruiting and selecting a mentor, applicants are encouraged to lead with their project idea and commitment rather than the honorarium.

Download a description of the mentor’s role in the Compton Mentor Fellowship.

Academic Institution Involvement

Employing Compton Mentor Fellowship program criteria, the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) will create an internal, multidisciplinary review and selection process. The final candidate will be selected by a TIE committee.

Eligibility Criteria

· Current BA, BFA or BS candidates from Tufts University with an interest in the Compton Foundation’s funding priorities

· “Traditional age” graduating senior

· U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident holding I-551 immigration status