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Nicolas Jimenez Parot

2021 Cohort

Nicolas graduated as a Commercial Engineer at the Adolfo Ibañez University with a Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy in 2013.  This program deepened his knowledge of policy analysis to target issues in areas such as urban planning, environment, poverty, tax systems and education. During this period, he acquired quantitative tools and relevant frameworks on macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics and econometrics. In 2013, Nicolas also started a company called Volkanica Outdoors with three partners. This company has since been dedicated to promoting outdoor activities, inspiring people to enjoy nature and selling mountaineering equipment in Chile. Nicolas moved to Patagonia, Chile in 2015 because since childhood, his passion has been to spend time in nature. Chile has unique geographical conditions and the country has been declared highly exposed to the consequences of climate change. Nicolas decided to pursue a complementary career in order to develop skills to protect this pristine environment and to work on watershed management, stream restoration and infrastructure planning. He hopes the Sustainable Water Management program will help him protect this precious resource for future generations.