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Faith Miller

School: Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Department: Sustainable Water Management

Research Interests: Conservation & Ecology, Water Science & Systems, Food Systems, Climate Change, Business & Economics


Faith Miller is a Master’s student in the Sustainable Water Management (SWM) program, hosted by TIE. She expects to complete her M.S. in August 2020. She holds a B.S in Environmental Science with minors in Biology and Sustainability.

Before enrolling at Tufts, Faith worked at a composting company where she launched a blog centered on the intersection of science, policy, and the environment. She had the privilege of being a member of food waste panels and developed extensive knowledge of dietary habits and food waste as they relate to income.

Current Studies and Future Goals

Faith was drawn to the SWM program because it is “the most comprehensive, flexible program related to food, water, and energy.” She has long had an interest in water management, but wanted something beyond engineering courses and modeling. As she described it, “This program is the ideal blend of the hard science, but also the policy and economics that drive water management, agriculture, and energy use.”

When asked about her interest in this field, Faith said, “Water is the engine of our lives. Besides the obvious necessity of water to live, it powers climate, food systems and many energy production cycles. The nexus of food, water, and energy will become a major pain point as climate change alters agriculture and water systems.”

After graduation, she hopes to work for private organizations as a multidisciplinary advisor for water management and agricultural production. She has a strong interest in the food supply chain and hopes to come out of this program with the ability to facilitate sustainable agriculture and to apply my understanding of the food supply chain to producers’ methods and goals.

Fun Facts!

Faith is an avid hiker during any season. She’s also a dedicated Zumba enthusiast. Although she’s a self-proclaimed terrible dancer, she finds it to be a great workout. When she’s not scaling mountains or getting her groove on, she makes her own lotions and bath products.

Favorite Food/Drink: Ribeye steak (rare)

Movie/TV Show: Whose Line is it Anyway?

Favorite Song/Artist: Dolly Parton!

Favorite Place You’ve Visited: Olympic National Forest

Other Fun Facts: I have unintentionally swallowed maggots at least three times.