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Andrea Becerra

Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy
Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy

Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Water Efficiency, Productivity, and Sustainability in Near East and North Africa (NENA) region Countries

The expected outcome of this overarching project is that countries of the NENA Region would be empowered at technical, institutional and policy levels to implement their water sustainability, food security, renewable energy and climate resilient agenda and to achieve the water-related SDG to 2030 within safe operational boundaries of water use. Overall, the expected impact is that food security in the NENA region will be strengthened through increased incomes and production, water resources will be used efficiently and sustainably, and climate change effects will be mitigated by a reduction in the carbon footprint of agriculture. An ‘incentive framework and investment’ working group, including parliamentarians, will provide a mechanism for policy and strategy changes, internalization and scaling-up of results. The initial focus will be on Jordan and Morocco.

Stefan Koester

Master of Arts in Law & Diplomacy; Master of Arts in Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning
Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy; Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Quantifying Air Quality & Climatic Impacts of Household Stoves and Fuels in India

This overarching project has four broad objectives, which are linked to feasible improvements in clean stove design and dissemination and their impacts on health and climate; these include: 1) assess the acceptability and availability of different stove technologies and fuels; 2) experiment by varying stove price and social interactions among users to determine the impact of these variables on stove adoption rates; 3) measure in situ the impacts of stove adoption on indoor and outdoor air pollution, and climate-forcing; and, 4) model the impacts of widespread stove adoption on regional and global climate through a range of scenarios directly informed by data from the field.