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Faculty teams across the Tufts community are encouraged to collaborate with a TIE Affiliated Faculty member to receive funding for their next project or initiative! 

TIE Venture Grants

Committed to a diversity of disciplines, fields, and methods in accordance with measures of excellence, the TIE Venture Grant is awarded to faculty teams (led by a TIE Affiliated Faculty member) pursuing new initiatives to promote interdisciplinary collaboration among the wider Tufts community.

About TIE's Venture Grant

The goal of this opportunity is to foster new environmental education and research across departments and schools, assist interdisciplinary faculty teams in the pursuit of external funding, or support preliminary planning for new TIE educational programs or degrees. Examples of initiatives that could be funded under this program include: 

  • Emerging area-targeted symposia
  • Interdisciplinary research center planning grants
  • Workshops
  • Cross-disciplinary degree or certificate program
  • Brown-bag seminars/guest speakers
  • Preliminary planning grants for new TIE educational programs

Individuals interested in applying for a Venture Grant should consult the guidelines and requirements to familiarize themselves with the application process and the funding procedure. 

Guidelines and Eligibility

  • TIE Venture Grants are only offered to faculty teams led by a TIE Affiliated Faculty member, but faculty teams can engage and collaborate with faculty inside or outside of the Tufts community.
  • Funds are only available to support the creation of new environmental educational/research collaborations and opportunities.
  • Funds may only be used to support direct costs and will be distributed in accordance with the actual expenditures of each approved budget category and amount. The lead investigator (TIE Affiliated Faculty member) will be responsible for managing the grant, while grant subaccounts will be maintained and distributed by TIE. The budget must be consistent with the policies of the Affiliated Faculty member's home school(s) and Tufts University. TIE may adjust budgets, consistent with internal expense guidelines and limitations.
  • Expenditures for salaries (summer or academic year) and/or course release time are permitted according to school policies and appropriate approvals for each participant. Fringe benefit charges for personnel should also be included. Student assistants may be supported (including graduate, professional, and undergraduate students), with stipends and fringe rates consistent with associated school/departmental policies. Proposals may also budget for TIE intern assistance (at a rate of $12-16/hr).
  • Grants may range from $500 to $10,000. Funds must be expended or committed prior to the close of the grant's calendar year.

Required Materials

All proposals submitted should be accompanied by a Cover Sheet and submitted as an electronic (PDF) file with an attached Budget Form (as a separate, writable Excel file). Using the form provided, please address the following fields in the Cover Sheet:

  1. Background/project justification
  2. Objectives
  3. Initiatives/project description
  4. Work plan/Timeline
  5. Expected outcomes/follow-on opportunities
  6. Budget justification

All materials must be submitted via email to by the application deadline. 

Additional Requirements

Acknowledgements and Branding: To promote TIE visibility and ensure consistency with branding, TIE staff will work with all awardees to ensure that TIE sponsorship is appropriately acknowledged in the products/output of their initiatives.

Final Report: To document the initiative, TIE requires a brief final report (not longer than 3 single-spaced pages). This should be accompanied by other relevant products or evidence of the completion of the funded activity, and should describe:

  1. The work accomplished
  2. Any significant deviations from or extensions to the project, as described in the original proposal
  3. Outcomes/ Impacts of the project
  4. Description of suggested/planned follow-on activities
  5. Pictures from any events or activities

Please note that, under certain circumstances (e.g. for initiatives that have a long duration or extend over two budget cycles), TIE may request an interim report before releasing remaining funding. These materials should be reproducible (i.e. any necessary authorship credit should be provided with the materials) as they would be for TIE's review and for TIE to include in any communications about TIE's sponsorship.

Selection Process

Proposals are evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

  1. Resonance with TIE mission
  2. Intellectual merit
  3. Creativity
  4. Faculty engagement
  5. Impact on interdisciplinary environmental research/education at Tufts
  6. Consistency of budget with goals
  7. Follow-on opportunities: potential for sustainable initiatives/leveraging of external funding

All proposals will be reviewed by a designated TIE Affiliated Faculty subcommittee. Those recommended for funding will be vetted by TIE Leadership for consistency with TIE's goals. 

The TIE Venture Grants Application Period is currently open. Proposals are due no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Forms and Materials:

Please submit all materials to by the application deadline


Please contact Jill Parlee, Assistant Director for Programs, by email or at 617-627-3645.