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Syed Anjerul Islam

School: Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Department: Sustainable Water Management

Research Interests: Water Science & Systems, Public Health, Environmental Engineering, Cities & Urban Planning, Ground and Surface Water Quality Monitoring


Syed Anjerul is a Master’s student in the Sustainable Water Management (SWM) program, hosted by TIE. He expects to complete his M.S. in August 2019. Prior to coming to Tufts, Syed Anjerul earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering. Syed Anjerul worked for 4 years with the Lotus Water Project in Bangladesh as a Senior Research Officer where he worked on research and deployment for household water chlorination devices. He also worked for a year with the DBL Group where he did engineering design work on boilers and generators. In addition to his studies, Syed Anjerul is also a member of the Tufts International Student Counsel and the Tufts Muslim Student Association.

Current Studies and Future Goals

When asked what he found most meaningful about his field of study, Syed Anjerul responded with the following: "I am doing my Masters at Sustainable Water Management program within the Water infrastructure track. In this track, we are learning a lot about water quality modeling and [model] optimization through computer programming which seems very interesting to me. Also, our core courses include groundwater quality modeling and interdisciplinary research study designs which helped us to learn about the research methods and how to write a research proposal. Overall, I would say the SWM program is designed to to turn students water leaders through the meaningful courses offered".

When asked what interested him about pursuing the SWM Degree, Syed Anjerul responded with the following: “[Before coming to Tufts] I worked for 4 years in Bangladesh focusing on water quality and public health. With my engineering background, I found myself interested in learning more about the water pollutants and how those pollutants affect both ground- and surface water. I was searching for some programs focusing on water quality modeling and monitoring and all of a sudden, my mentor, Professor Amy Pickering (who is an assistant professor at Tufts), recommended that I join the SWM program. Professor Pickering and I worked together in an international center for diarrheal disease research in Bangladesh (called icddr,b) for more than 3 years on three different projects to assess the ideal chlorine dose and rate for low-income homes.

Syed Anjerul hopes to join an organization focused on water quality and pollutant reduction once he finishes his studies at Tufts. He hopes to bring his unique engineering experience to the field of policy making. After one or two years of work, Syed Anjerul plans to pursue a PhD.

Fun Facts!

When not doing school work, Syed Anjerul can be found traveling (with friends!) and watching movies (mostly Bollywood comedies and thrillers). He also loves to dance.

Favorite Food: Beef and all Bangladeshi foods

Favorite Thing You’ve Seen: Tinap Saitar Waterfall in Bangladesh

Favorite Course Taken at Tufts: Water Resource Systems, Water Science and Systems Analysis, Research Methods

Dream Job: United Nations Water Policy Maker