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Within the WSSS curriculum, students must take at least two courses from two of the four different themes in the below approved course list. The four themes include: Management and Policy, Technology and Science, Public Health and Nutrition, and Environmental Concern.

Courses from across schools/departments are offered within each theme such that students may select water-focused courses from inside or outside of their own school/department offerings. Students are permitted to complete these elective courses at any point during their time at Tufts, either before, during, or after they complete the common course requirement (the year-long seminar and track course). Additionally, students may petition for courses not on the approved course list to count towards this requirement.

Within the approved course list, there are two types of courses: hard-approved and soft-approved courses. These course types are described in detail below and may carry additional approval steps. Students may select any combination of hard or soft courses to complete the two course requirement.

As an interdisciplinary program, WSSS students are encouraged to take classes outside of their field of study.

Hard Approved Courses Soft Approved Courses Request Approval

WSSS-Approved Course List

Hard-Approved Courses

Hard-approved courses directly address water issues in the majority of the course curriculum. Please note that these classes may not be offered every year or semester.

* Courses with an asterix may have pre-requisite requirements or require permission from the instructor to enroll

Management & Policy

PS 0118 Environmental Policy
DHP D205  Global Maritime Affairs
DHP H202 Maritime History and Globalization
DHP P252 Global Water Security Perspectives
DHP P253 Sustainable Development Diplomacy
DHP XXX Water Policy and Governance
EIB E246 Environmental Economics
UEP 0206 Planning for Low Impact Development
UEP 0207/ ENV 0207 / CEE 0207 Environmental Law
UEP 0221 Climate Change Policy, Planning, and Action
UEP 0279 Water Resources Policy and Planning and Watershed Management

Technology & Sciences

BIO 0164/ ENV 0164 Marine Biology
BIO 0179 Seminar in Marine Biology*
BIO 0185 / ENV 0182 / NUTR 0241 Food for All: Ecology, Biotechnology and Sustainability*
CEE 0111 / ENV 0112 Hydrology of the Built Environment / Hydrology/Water Resource
CEE 0112 River Hydraulics and Stream Resoration
CEE 0113 / ENV 0113 / EOS 0131 Groundwater*
CEE 0196 / CH 0196 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Seminar
CEE 0212 Chemical Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering*
CEE 0213 Transport Principles in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering*
CEE 0214 Water Resource Systems
CEE 0215 Environmental Systems Modeling
CEE 0293 Hydrology for Engineering Design and Societal Impact
CEE 0294-01  Special Topics in Hydrology
EOS 0132 Groundwater Chemistry and Quality*
EOS 0133 / CEE 0114 Field Hydrology
EOS 0287 / CEE 0287 Subsurface Fluid Dynamics*
EOS 0288 Groundwater Modeling
EOS 0289 Geofluids

Public Health & Nutrition

CEE 0150 Field Methods for Global Health
CEE 0159 Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Design
CEE 0251 / CH 0191 Biology of Water and Health
NUTR 0233 Agricultural Science and Policy I
NUTR 0341 Economics of Agriculture and the Environment*

Environmental Concern

CEE 0103 / ENV 0103 Water Quality Modeling*
CEE 0131 River Hydraulics and Restoration*
CEE 0133 Wastewater Plant Design*
CEE 0139 Bio-remediation: Natural and Enhanced*

Soft-Approved Courses

Soft-approved courses address water issues in a combination of class content and/or class assignments. Please note these classes may not be offered every semester or every year.

Soft-approved courses require additional approvals before being completed for fulfillment of the WSSS requirements. Please see the Soft Course Approval Form found on the Student Forms page. 

Management & Policy

CEE 0265 / ENV 0265 / UEP 0265 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues
EC 0130 Topics in Environmental Economics
ENV 0152  Seminar in Environmental Negotiations
UEP 0251 Economics for Planning and Policy Analysis
 UEP 0264 Green Urban Design

Technology & Sciences

BIO 144 Principles of Conservation Biology*
BIO 0180 Seminar: Conservation Biology
BIO 0181 / ENV 0182 Tropical Ecology/Conservation*
BIO 0195 Independent Study in Biology: Research in Development Plasticity
MCM 0591 GIS for Conservation Medicine
PH 0262 GIS for Public Health

Public Health & Nutrition

ANTH 0126 Food, Nutrition and Culture
NUTR 0333 Agricultural Science and Policy II
NUTR 0142 Risk and Disaster Management
PH 0204 / CEE 0158 / ENV 0158 Occupational and Environmental Health
PH 0244 Research Methods of Global Health
PH 0244 Infectious Disease Epidemiology
PH 0244 Health, Human Security, and Emerging Pathogens
PH XXXX Environmental Epidemiology

Environmental Concern

ANTH 0138 Anthropocene and the End of Nature
DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving
MCM 0580 Ecology and Conservation Biology
NUTR 0331 Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

Request Course Approval

If there is a graduate course available at Tufts or at a partner university that is not listed above that you would like to take, you have the opportunity submit a new course approval form for review before completing the course.