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There is a necessity to unify concepts and methodologies to solve real-world problems in our food production systems. The 4th annual WSSS symposium "Feeding ourselves Thirsty: The future of water and food production" did just through speakers who provided key insights on the issues facing the future of agricultural production. They also created a discussion platform that was able to reach across a variety of academic disciplines. The opening keynote speaker was Craig Cox, Senior Vice President of the Environmental Working Group, who spoke about his advocacy work in agriculture and climate change out of Ames, Iowa.  The three panels explored nexus of water and agriculture, including conflicting resource demands, sustainability, and water quality. The closing address was from Roberto Lenton from the University of Nebraska's Robert Daugherty Water for Institute. He spoke about his approach to integrated water management and his experience working for the UN, World Bank, Ford Foundation and Columbia University's Earth Institute.

For more information and speaker lists, please see the Symposium Program.

The 2013 Symposium Team

Glennon Beresin, Noah Cohen-Cline, Lauren Cole, Laura Crossley, Franklin Crump, Meghan Flanagan, Stephanie Galaitsis, Gabrielle Gareau, Jory Hecht, Margaret Kurth,  Kate McMahon, Jessica Morrison, Kate Olson, Lesley Pories, Laura Read, Anne Sexton, Gabrielle String, Jeff Walker, Adam Weinberg, Ruiruo Wu, Elliot Hohn, Elisabeth Holden, and  Yudan Jiang